Some of the projects I've worked on that I can show off :D

Source for projects I have distribution rights to will either be linked, or will be available on my GitHub.

This Website!

This website is an attempt for me to delve into the world of raw HTML 5. It's almost completely hand-written HTML, with no use of frameworks unless absolutely necessary... Continue content

Ten Thousand Lesbians

Ten Thousand Lesbians is an art piece written in Cocos Creator.

It is a randomly-generated cube map, where each cube is placed in a random position in the camera's viewport, and adopts one of the 7 colours from the lesbian Orange and Pink flag.

This project also details a short history of the Lesbian Flag and its development... Continue Content

Project Watt

Essential & Endeavour Energy VR Training

While working at DXC, I was the Lead Developer on a VR Project for Essential and Endeavour Energy, two NSW-based utilities companies.

The goal was to virtualise their compliance testing for a set of Standard Operating Procedures - in essence, to test that electricians can safely do their jobs before even entering a real-life site.

More content to come in the future...


GrainContracker was a plan I had to track the offered contract prices of certain Grain Commodities over time.

The project was going to be an F# + Elmish serverless exploration, for me to see how easy it is to build out a site in F#.

Traditionally, contract prices are offered daily, and only via a PDF. There are no efforts to track the price over time, or map it against other data like weather events or world news.

Unfortunately, the grain companies changed how price sheets are offered into a less accessible manner, and I couldn't keep the effort up on top of my day job.